Qubik Stationary Cannon

Stationary raingun irrigators are ideal for spreading dairy effluent on land where the contour is unsuitable for travelling irrigators, or you need to pump large volumes in a short time.

Low application depths and rates reduces the risk of ponding and run-off making them especially suitable for poor draining soils and sloping land.

Choosing the correct size raingun and nozzle based on the volume to be pumped is essential to optimise the raingun’s performance. Stationary rainguns need to be moved on a frequent basis to avoid over application and ponding in an area.


  • Good even spread prevents ponding.

  • Ability to do partial arches makes them ideal when spraying near drains or into a breeze.

  • Handle up to 170 cubic meters per hour.

  • Application rate 4-8mm per hour.