K-Line Pods

K-Line is a flexible hose-line and sprinkler pod system that delivers cost-effective, water-efficient irrigation, and effluent dispersal. The dispersal of effluent or wastewater is an important part of any farm operation. Effluent irrigation can make a significant contribution to improving soil condition and reducing the amount of pollutants discharged into our land and waterways. It also reduces the demand for water. 

K-Line is a flexible hose line sprinkler system originally designed for irrigation. However, the low application rate makes the K-Line system well suited to effluent distribution. At the heart of the system is a series of tough plastic pods protecting a sprinkler, firmly attached to special K-Line low density polyethylene pipe.


  • Low capital cost

  • Ease of installation use and shifting

  • Low application rate to remove the risk of ponding and run-off, allowing better filtering by the soil of bacteria resulting in better compliance to regional council requirements

  • Low rate of application

  • No leaching or run-off

  • No ponding

  • Cost effective

  • 3 pods to replace a travelling irrigator

  • Large nozzle to minimise blockages

  • Easily separated by camlocks and shifted individually

  • Low maintenance

  • Meets all regional council requirements.