Supa4 Herringbone System

A Waikato Supa4 is a premium quality 100mm single milk pipeline - mid mounted swing-over milking system capable of high throughput with less labour and minimum effort. 

Engineered with precision and supported with “state of the art” pulsation systems, cluster sets and cleaning systems, Supa4 offers a substantial value proposition for those buying a new milking machine.

Rated top in its class globally, Supa4 can be further optioned to include electronic Cup Removers, Swing Arms, automatic wash systems, Smart D-TECT and NaviGate Dairy Management System.

Maximising the performance and throughput of a milking system is assured with Supa4.

Machine sizes ranging from 12 to 48 sets of clusters ensure there’s a milking system to suit every need. Installation is modular and every machine is built to strict factory guidelines. This method of building guarantees the highest level of system integrity and allows our in-house technical team to help you in the event of a performance issue. 

When you buy a Supa4, we know exactly what you have on-farm and you get 24/7 support.

Waikato Milking Systems have been developing new and innovative milking solutions for over 50 years. Supa4 encompasses all we have learned about swing-over systems in this time. With this knowledge combined, we are able to offer you a modern, high tech, 100mm milking machine for use worldwide. 

The wash component of the Supa4 uses a Hurricane Slugwash system. It was designed specifically for Supa4 and is the best cleaning system of its type. 

It incorporates a very unique transition cone to enable the wash water to be controlled in a more precise way. That ensures the end of the milk line is thoroughly cleaned every time.  

The wash system can be tuned in any of three different ways: The wash tub valve; a restrictor disk inline or flow-controlled cluster washers. The air injector has almost limitless control enabling an accurate slug volume to be maintained.


  • Faster milking

  • Greater efficiency

  • Higher throughput

  • Powerful cleaning system