Qubik - Sheep Rapid Exit

Designed for commercial sheep farming the Qubik Sheep Rapid Exit Milking Solution has been designed to provide you with a cost-effective, simple, and robust system to provide you with improved milking efficiency and sheep flow. The system can be easily installed as a new system, or can be adapted into an existing bovine Herringbone or In-line parlour.

With a self-indexing gate system that allocates the sheep into their individual stalls automatically, the Qubik Sheep Rapid Exit Milking Solution provides an easy and fast way to load your animals into the milking system. The system can also be customised so the operator can allow for split-row release to minimise exiting time from a central console.

Designed, manufactured and installed by Qubik.

  • Easily installed, and easily adapted.

  • Integrated stainless steel feed bins.

  • A unique design with split-row release.