Pre Cooling

Selecting the right pre-cooling system for your farm is an important decision. There are many factors to take into consideration before deciding what type of system will suit your farm best.

Cow numbers, shed size, water temperature, milk pump flow rates, power availability and primary cooling design are just some of the things that need to be considered before a solution can be proposed.


A Qubik glycol pre-cooling system chills MPI approved food grade glycol/water mix to around 2˚C in a 1,000L tank. The glycol unit continually chills glycol during milking to 2˚C and stores it in the storage tank, this glycol then gets circulated through the second stage of your plate cooler snap chilling your milk so it enters the vat between 4-7˚C.


  • Ability to snap chill milk to 5°C within 3 minutes of leaving the cow.

  • Built in heat recovery producing hot water up to 60°C at 6 litres per minute.

  • Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

  • Independent from your vat refrigeration system giving you peace of mind.

  • Only requires 1,000L glycol tank.