Submersible Pond Mixer

Available in .75 KW – 4.5KW

Submerged mixers are the most practical, efficient solution for mixing liquids in water treatment and purification plants.

Suitably installed in tanks, these devices apply a force varying depending on the propeller diameter, shape and rotation speed to the liquid in which they are immersed, and keep the mass of fluid in motion to boost homogenisation and prevent sediment formation.

They can be adopted in single or multiple installations, or in combination with bottom aeration systems, depending on the process in which they are used.

Their efficiency class IE3 motors, already applied on the Zenit UNIQA range of submersible pumps, keep running costs down, with low energy use and limited maintenance.

Their complete compatibility and vast assortment of accessories allow them to be installed in any point of the tank, both for optimal mixing and for use as replacements for obsolete devices in existing systems.