Chilled Water

A Qubik chilled water system chills a large volume of water to 7˚C outside of milking time. It then circulates the water during milking through the second stage of your plate cooler reducing milk temperature to 9-10˚C before entering the milk vat. This unit is smaller than a glycol unit but needs to run over a longer period of time each day. Chilled water systems are the most common pre-cooling option available in New Zealand.

  • Ability to snap chill milk to 10°C within 3 minutes of leaving the cow.

  • Built in heat recovery producing hot water up to 60°C at 3 litres per minute.

  • Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

  • Independent from your vat refrigeration system giving you peace of mind.

  • It can use off peak power outside milking time to chill the water.