Self Priming Multi-Stage

Developed for effluent systems with shore mounted applications, the new Self Priming Multi-stage pump provides high efficiency, low maintenance and safe service access.

The self priming multi-stage pump was designed in order to remove the risks from traditional floating frame options. The pump is mounted at the shore therefore making easy and safe access. It also incorporates the patented* multi-stage design capable of passing fibre as well as small solids. For high performance effluent systems.

  • Shore mounted solution, no need for floating frame

  • Easy and safe access on shore for pump maintenance

  • End suction lift of up to 5.5 meters

  • Ability to upgrade with more stages if pumping requirements change

  • Handles solids particles up to 10-12mm in size

  • Up to 40% efficiency increase over standard pumps means lower running costs

  • When partnered with Yardmaster HALO ‘Supersmart’, is cable of delivering multiple duties

  • Patented Design - Patent# 614617

  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

Ideal for - Greenwater containing small sized solids for high head and/or long distance to irrigation, also for travelling rain guns.