Horizontal Screw Separator

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand with a focus on cost effective maintenance. The Horizontal Screw Separators offer reliable and high-quality solid separation of effluent streams.

The solids produced are easily managed due to the low moisture level and can be spread using belt and disc fertiliser spreaders and the like.

  • 4 kW and 5.5 kW motor options

  • Up to 70m3 through-put

  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction

  • NZ designed and constructed

  • Easy removal and assembly of screen due to the split screen design

  • High throughput maintained with an adjustable screen providing tight screen and auger clearance

  • Reduced repairs due to the augers outer edge cladded with sacrificial material

  • Robust bearing cartridge assembly

  • Reduced wear utilising an auger wiper system removing material from the augers outer edge prior entering screen

  • Easy access and servicing with extra large inspection/service hatches

Ideal for -
For all effluent streams particularly thick material from housed / feedpad sites producing the driest solids

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