Case Study

Tony and Louise Collingwood


When purchasing their second farm not far from the home farm in Otorohanga Louise and Tony Collingwood decided right away something had to be done with the farm dairy.

With a bit of work needing to be done on the farm they prioritised the farm dairy first and work started immediately on takeover day.

Keeping the original building structure and roof, they moved the pit over about 1.5 metres and made it deeper, Tony and Louise had previously deepened their home farm shed pit and considered it essential for their staff to have a good working environment with a deeper pit.  They went with light weight Waikato Milking System Shells which they really enjoy, especially when cupping at speed.

Going with a good basic 44 bail herringbone they are finding milking is going smoothly with two people and have cup removers on the radar for the future proofing.

Tony and Louise are really happy with the outcome of a “very tidy job.  It was a big risk for us to undertake a shed development starting on 1 June, but the team of contractors worked really well together and delivered a quality farm dairy 2 days ahead of schedule”.


Plant: Waikato Milking Supa 4

Plant Size: 44 bail herringbone

Herd Size: 470 cows

Key Technologies

  • BP400 vacuum pump

  • 11kw Smartdrive VSD

  • 320 Claws with light weight shells

  • Quadrant liners

  • Smartpulse pulsators

  • G2 Jetters

  • 2.2kw fristram milkpump

  • Qubik milk pump controller

  • Milk recovery