Case Study

Lindsay and Donna Barton


Over 20 years ago Lindsay and Donna Barton bought a second-hand plant from a local dairy farmer. Back then, Ken Osborne worked closely with Donna and Lindsay to extend their family operation from an 11 bail herringbone shed to a 27 aside herringbone shed.

Over the years Qubik have worked closely with Lindsay and Donna, to improve and develop their dairy operation at both sheds including water upgrade and a Effluent upgrades. Qubik have made a commitment to work with Donna and Lindsay over the past 20 years plus.

Back in 2021 Lindsay and Donna approached Qubik to extend the home farm shed from the 27 aside herringbone to a 38 aside. Through open lines of communication and collaborative decision-making with both the Qubik and the Barton the shed upgrade began in May 2022.

The Qubik team removed the plant completely, this gave the team a fresh canvas to create a stunning new 38 aside, and this included a new BP400 vacuum pump with Variable Speed Drive, new 101mm milk line and 76mm pulsator line with Smart Puls Electronic pulsators.

Once Donna and Lindsay finished upgrading the home farm they realised there was only one option for their second farm and its dated and tired dairy shed.

The Lindsay and Donna approached Qubik with a vision for a new dairy shed on Reynolds Road.

During the decision-making stage Donna and Lindsay were aware the changes they were about to make would make an attractive package to current and future employees to enable them to maintain an easierwork/life balance.

Understanding that every dairy operation is unique, Qubik embarked on a comprehensive assessment of Lindsay and Donna's requirements and challenges. Gaining insights into Lindsay and Donna's goals around herd size, and desired milking outcomes. This laid the groundwork for a tailor-made solution that would maximise efficiency, improve cow management, and ensure optimal animal health.

The old herringbone shed was de-commissioned in April 2023 with the upgrade started in July 2023. Frequent updates, progress reports, and collaborative decision-making ensured that the project stayed on track and aligned with Lindsay and Donna's vision.

With a Qubik In-Shed feeding system and Chilled Water system installed, compliance and animal nutrition standards became easier. To improve animal teat condition and cow health Qubik installed a Waikato Milking Systems Walkover Teat Spray system and cup removers, these were seamlessly incorporated to streamline operations.

The Barton's farm was now equipped with a facility that combined the best of traditional farming practices with the advantages of modern technology. The dairy shed not only boosted operational efficiency but also provided a comfortable and stress-free environment for the cows, directly translating into enhanced milk production and quality.

Beyond the implementation, Qubik's commitment extended to providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to the farming team. This ensured that the dairy shed continued to operate at its peak potential, and Lindsay and Donna have experienced sustained growth and positive impact on their bottom line.


Plant: Waikato Supa 4

Plant Size: 30 bail herringbone

Herd Size: 300 cows

Key Technologies

  • BP200 Vacuum pump

  • Milk recovery system

  • 1.5 KW Fristam pump

  • 3ph SmartDrive 7.5kw

  • Maxi top load filter

  • Supa 4 receiver

  • 90L Sanitary trap

  • Aqua Storm plant wash controller

  • 450L Stainless wash tub

  • Qubik Milkpump controller

  • SmartPuls pulsators

  • G2 Jetters