Case Study

Chris and Claire Walton


The couple were working on a sheep and beef farm in Piopio when the opportunity came to finally enter the sheep milking industry. Through years of research and hard work they have put together a fantastic sheep dairy operation on the 118Ha farm. The operation includes a 42 aside sheep dairy converted from a cow herringbone shed with the ability to extend to 48 in the next few years.

Chris and Claire started the conversation with Qubik back in June 2020 with questions around possible conversion options with existing cow milking herringbones. Once Chris and Claire found the perfect farm for their Aranui Farming venture the process started around finding the most cost effective options available to convert the old 20 aside cowshed. The couple wanted to build and convert the shed to be suitable to milk 1500 sheep in year 5.

Qubik worked closely with Chris and Claire over the conversion process offering different options around both Rapid Exit and automation in the shed. The couple decided they wanted a product that would last with the New Zealand conditions and work efficiently with two people milking in the shed.

Eventually after consultation, Qubik provided Aranui with the Qubik designed, fabricated and installed, 42 Aside Rapid exit system, made completely of high-grade Stainless steel for longevity and strength. This was the fourth Qubik Rapid exit system to be installed in 2021 season.

Qubik also installed a full range of Waikato Milking Systems milking plant, the 42-highline swing over with automatic cup removers and state of the art sheep milking equipment including auto vacuum cups.

With easy start vacuum operated cup removers, it is an easy task when cupping the lightweight sheep clusters. Sensors within the MCU detect when milk flow/sensitivity combined with time activates the cup removers to remove the cups from the sheep, this helps to avoid any over-milking which is crucial with such delicate udders and teats, also speeds up milking time.

The milking plant includes a Fristam positive displacement milk pump on a VSD to maintain the valuable quality of the milk. The vacuum system includes a BP200 Blower vacuum also using a Variable Speed Drive to improve vacuum stability and power cost saving for Aranui Farming. A Qubik automatic plant wash system allows Chris to focus on other areas of the farm system once milking has finished, knowing that the complete wash cycle is carried out efficiently and effectively.

Qubik also, supplied Aranui with a two new dairy hot water cylinders with a complete stainless steel heater stand with inbuilt manifold and a Qubik fabricated stainless steel wash tub.


Plant: Supa 4

Plant Size: 42 Bail Herringbone Milking Sheep

Herd Size: 1200 Sheep

Key Technologies

  • Waikato ā€˜Sā€™ Automatic Cup Removers

  • SmartPuls Pulsators

  • Stainless Steel Double Bank Plate Cooler

  • WMS Maxi Top Loading Milk Filter

  • BP200 Blower Vacuum Pump

  • 7.5kw VSD SmartDrive

  • Milk Recovery System

  • 1.5kw Fristam Pump

  • Qubik Milkpump Controller

  • 90L Supa 4 Receiving Can and  60l Sanitary Trap

  • Automatic Plant Wash Controller

  • 450L Stainless Wash Tub

  • Qubik Designed, Fabricated and Installed Rapid Exit System