Case Study

Ben Meyer


The 26 double up herringbone has 52 sets of cups, this cuts down on milking time and allows one person to operate the dairy shed. The plant has ultimate ECR’s which helps milk the cows out completely. It has Smart PULS pulsators and the vacuum pump is a Waikato Milking Systems BP400 blower with variable speed drive, it ramps up and down as need for air consumption which saves power.

The new 30Kw chilled water unit chills the milk to under 8 degrees Celsius before it gets to the vats and a 10hp chiller cools both vats below 6 degrees Celsius as required by Fonterra.

An 18.5Kw shore based, close coupled effluent pump can be maintained from the shore of the effluent pond, which is a lot safer than being in the pond. The pump has a special valve level with the base of the pond, it opens from the top to irrigate straight from the pond.

Key Technologies

  • 26 double up herringbone

  • Ultimate cup removers

  • SmartPULS pulsators

  • Waikato Milking Systems BP400 blower vacuum pump with variable speed drive

  • 30Kw chilled water system

  • 10hp vat chiller

  • 18.5Kw shore based effluent pump

  • 2 x 550L hot water cylinders