Case Study

Ant Metcalfe


A 36 bail herringbone was installed and fitted by Qubik with some of Waikato Milking Systems latest technology. The shed was fitted with Waikato 320 claws, with large bore inlets and 19mm milk outlet they can handle the milk volume from the highest producing cows with ease.

SmartPuls was also installed, a digital pulsation system designed to produce accurate results time and time again. New generation precision solenoids inside SmartPULS are smaller and have a greater life expectancy - now exceeding 200 million cycles.

The Glacier Plus 30kw water chiller chills a 25,000 litre Manicon tank of water to 6⁰C outside of milking time. It then circulates the water during milking through the second stage of the plate cooler reducing milk temperature to 7-10⁰C before entering the milk vat.

With the installation of the water chiller a heat recovery unit was installed, hot water enters the hot water cylinders at a rate of 2-3 litres per minute at a temperature of 50-60⁰C dependant on the incoming water temperature.

Key Technologies

  • 36 Herringbone

  • BP400 Blower Vacuum Pump

  • SmartPuls

  • 320 claws with shutoff

  • 4,000L Double Bank Plate Cooler

  • 30kw Glacier Plus water chiller

  • 2 x 5kw Danfoss compressor