Case Study

Murray Rowe


Installed at the Rowe shed, Waikato Supa 4 mid line milking system which offers better vacuum control and faster milking. A 101mm milkline, which ensures great milk flow and more stable vacuum, maximises animal comfort and minimises the risk of mastitis. The Rowe plant features mechanical pulsators and ECR-S automatic cup removers with auto-start.

The stainless steel 320 clusters are lightweight and have Quadrant square liners. The dairy features automated wash systems for, plant and vat.

The dairy has a Fristam centrifugal milk pump and 90ltr Receiving Milk Can with 60ltr Sanitary trap, a Qubik VSD Milk Pump Controller and Milk Recovery System. The vacuum system is a BP400 blower system with variable speed drive.

The plant water, also supplied and installed by Qubik and consists of stainless steel underground pipe work, a Dab K14-400T Plate Cooler Pump with pressure tank control system, Wash Down pump with ICON VSD control and two Rheem Hot Water Cylinders.

The original feed system was re-installed using existing parts from the old dairy shed, Qubik retrofitted new additional stainless trays to match the design of the old trays for the additional bails in the new shed and Qubik utilised the old 16 Tonne Silo from the old dairy shed.


Plant: Waikato milking system Supa4

Plant Size: 30 bail herringbone

Herd Size: 260 cows

Key Technologies

  • ECR ‘S’automatic cup removers with auto start

  • Waikato 320 claws with Waikato quadrant liners

  • Waikato Supa 4 mid line milking system

  • Automated wash system for plant and vat

  • Qubik VSD Milk Pump Controller and Milk Recovery System

  • Feedsystem retro-fitted from old dairy with new additional trays